Flight to the Finish Arlington Turkey Trot 16th Annual Fun Run


Given the importance of comfort and safety, the Arlington Turkey Trot will not "stuff the turkey" with 4,000 runners at the start on Pershing between Fillmore and Garfield, but rather utilize a rolling start to provide ample breathing room between runners.

Dear Arlington Turkey Trotters,

From 2006-2019, we have run on Thanksgiving morning at 8 am to be with family and to help others in our community who need a hand up.

Our beloved tradition looked very different in 2020 as we spread out to stop the spread, whereby Thanksgiving morning became Trot week, when over1,000 of you ran on your own in Arlington and beyond.

With this year's "Flight to the Finish," featuring newly minted turkey "MajorTom" and drones filming from above, we will once again run in person/live onThanksgiving morning.

Unlike 2019 and prior years, however, we will not be stuffed in together like a"big turkey" in order to ensure comfort, safety and social distancing.

Rather, 2021 will feature a rolling start, thereby providing plenty of breathing room.

Masks are encouraged while waiting to cross the starting line, but not necessary on the course.

Registering and running on your own during the Thanksgiving weekend is also an option for those who would prefer even more space.

Image of Major Tom Flying a Drone

The 16th Arlington Turkey Trot will be a Flight to the Finish!

Christ Church of Arlington's Hosted Arlington Turkey Trot Announces a New Special Fund for First Time Beneficiaries in Partnership with the Arlington Community Foundation (Stay Tuned For Details)

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On behalf of Christ Church of Arlington and Our Entire Community, the "Chief Turkey" says Thank You!

The Arlington Turkey Trot is a wonderful community event that we have grown to love.

Thanks to the Trot’s donators, promoters, registrants, sponsors and volunteers, together with our neighbors, who are sometimes inconvenienced on Thanksgiving morning.

And, special thanks to the vision of Christ Church of Arlington’s leaders who declared and demonstrated their love and faith in God in 2006 to help our neighbors in Arlington in need of a hand up.

With appreciation and respect,
Mark Riley
Chief Turkey


2021 Beneficiaries

A special thank you to all the Turkey Trot supporters over the years. Your participation assists the following beneficiaries:

2021 Special Fund Beneficiaries

Our NEW 2021 Arlington Turkey Trot t-shirt!

The 16th annual running of the Arlington Turkey Trot will feature a nifty new t-shirt with Major Tom figuratively traversing the course while two live drones capture the festivities from above. The map of Arlington, many may recall, is the 2017 tee design that won the most popular t-shirt design (since 2006
to 2020) in last year’s contest.

All runners registered for the trot by November 1st will be guaranteed as part of their race registration, an Arlington Turkey Trot cotton t-shirt. During registration, you may choose (for an additional $20) to upgrade from the cotton tee to a Long Sleeve Performance t-shirt. Wear your shirt at the race and throughout the year! It’s bright, beautiful and fun!

Arlington's Best Local Running Race 2019 "Arlington Magazine Reader Pick"

Support local nonprofits that provide food, shelter, and more for Arlington residents

The Arlington Turkey Trot Encourages Your Participation!